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My Boyfriend stops having sex when he knows I'm in pain

Published on May 5, 2014 by aishu

My boyfriend and I have a very good relationship,we love each other a lot.But when it comes to having sex,every time my boyfriend makes love to me, he sees I am in pain and stops going any further.U get it right?And then he apologizes.I don't want him to stop.We never ended up having sex completely.How can I convince him not to stop even if I am in pain?


It's wonderful to see that your boyfriend is a very caring person and is putting your health and comfort in front of his own need and desire to achieve sexual satisfaction. Try starting with thanking him for being so caring toward you. Acknowledging his care and concern can do a lot for your sexual relationship. Then it sounds like you need to work with a healthcare practitioner to determine why you are having pain. Pain is not a normal response to intercourse. If you have intercourse each time you initiate sex then you need to find out why and treat it. Then you can share with your boyfriend why you were having pain and what you've done to take care of it. Then both of you can enjoy a comfortable, good feeling sexual experience.