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My Boyfriend is still associating with his ex

Published on May 24, 2012 by g77anj

I don't know whether this is foolish, so I need your decent answers to this.

My boyfriend is keep in touch with many girls and with his ex-girlfriends. He refuse to tell me, what they are talking and refuse to show me his phone, calls and messages. He can access my FB account and he don't like me getting closer to other guys, but he is not giving me his password to his any account, I think he is flirting girls through them. He meets his ex-girlfriends often without informing to me and even lend them money and give them rides too.

Sometimes he tells me that he loves her and misses her. But when we are doing sex he tells me that I'm the only one that he loves. I'm not sure during which time he tells me the truth.

We both are students doing our higher studies and these problems are a big burden to my studies, as always I have to keep my eye on him. And this is irritating me and I can't concentrate. Is this just jealousy or something else. I'm not a ugly dumb girls for him to seek other girls, as many boys kept proposing me when I was single.


Relationships are two way streets. I ask myself "why is she in this relationship?" Respect your inner voice and ask for what you need from him. If he can't give it to you, he is not ready for a committment.

Honor, respect Love and Love And Love.......Thank you m'am. I think you gave me a good reply.