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my boyfriend is selfish in the bedroom?

Published on June 6, 2012 by jbrewer_08

when my boyfriend wants sex he just wakes me up and he ready to go. without forplay. when i approach him he says sometimes he trying to turn hisself own. i have been unhappy for a longtime. what should i do?


Is this early-morning-no-warning sex the only type you have or is he more considerate at other times? If it's just his 'morning glory' issue, then maybe you could come to an agreement where a quick handjob is acceptable to you both. If your boyfriend is inconsiderate as a general rule, then you need to expalin it very clearly that this just isn't good enough. If there is still no improvement, his behaviour may change if you make it clear that your relationship hangs in the balance. There are many guys out there who would adore the chance to show you their giving side.