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My boyfriend says he loves me but he like hes friend a lil what do i do?

Published on November 9, 2010 by siana gray

Me n my bf been goin together about 7month. But he got a friend i ask him do he like her but he say no but 1 day he texted me n said he did like her a lil idk what to do i love him so much n he love me 2


You need to ask him to stop seeing that girl immediately because love of girl to a guy is infectious, his feeling toward that might grow, so stop it before it too late.Except if the girl is a friend of he long knew before he ever know you, then you don't need to worry about it. She would just be a guy's girl friend of his to rely on women problem.

well if he loves you like you say dont worry .. just try to be good all the time and done be so angry about that becouse if he want her he will not be with you righ now .. dont be so fast and get angry with him becouse of her cuz if you do that he will go to her and you dont want that ofcourse .. mens always like to get what they cant .. if you say stop he will not lisent and he will go to her