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My boyfriend said he was going to propose and...

Published on March 11, 2013 by carolina131

Ok, so there is some background to this. In October, my boyfriend and I began discussing a proposal. It was exciting but at the time I knew it wasn't coming right away. We began looking at rings and even began discussing dates to which HE said we should be married in 2013 (this year.) As time began to pass, we stopped discussing it as much, as I figured it wasn't really appropriate once he was actually planning the proposal. Then, one night, after a few drinks with friends, he drunkenly told me that he was going to propose before March. Around Christmas when my dad was in town visiting, he even talked to him! Again, after a few drinks another night, he told me that too. Christmas came and went and I knew he was needing to save up some money still for the ring, so I patiently waited and kept my distance from the subject matter. Yet again, one night in January he tells me that he is one paycheck away from being able to buy me a ring. This is the point at which I began getting frustrated. I mean, I am a pretty impatient person as it is. Let alone when it comes to something like this. Basically, every time he gets a little alcohol in him, he makes a comment about proposing ( and NEVER because I am bringing the subject up) and then it never happens. A few weeks ago he told me "I'm going to make you happy soon, etc" and I had enough. I told him it was unfair that he kept bringing it up and getting my hopes up and then not following through. So here we are now, in March, which clearly is past the time he said it was going to happen, with nothing on the horizon. I have done my best not to push him. I have done my best not to nag or bring it up, all despite his drunken empty promises. I am confused and frustrated and don't know what to do. Why is he doing this? Am I wrong for being angry with him for the way he has handled things? And how do I remain patient in the face of it all?


It should concern you that the man you wish to marry seems to become a different person when he drinks. Do you even WANT to commit yourself to a lifetime with this behavior?