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My boyfriend isn't as interested in sex as I am

Published on April 22, 2013 by kaedma

My boyfriend and I have been going out almost a year and a half. He's my first boyfriend and I lost my virginity to him. At first he wanted to have sex a lot, however, now I want to have sex more than he does. It seems like we are very incompatible when it comes to sex. What does this mean for our relationship and what can we do about it?


First off, don't worry. It is totally normal that your boyfriend would have more sex drive in the beginning and yours would increase overtime. You can spice it up by being more flirtatious, less clingy and make him chase you! Come up with a few ways that'll provoke him to chase you instead of the other way around.

Hello Kadema,

I'm sorry to hear your boyfriend doesn't want to have sex as much as before. The easy answer is it's very normal for everyone's sexual desire to ebb and flow. If we're distracted by things in our life, stress, physical pain or ailments, etc. these can cause our desire to change. How long ago did the change happen?

Because you said you're sexually incompatable I'm wondering what other incompatable areas there are besides frequency. If there are other areas please let me know so I can give you some suggestions to overcome them.

Coach Christine