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My Boyfriend IS still on OkCupid

Published on August 20, 2013 by piapia

Although is he not active as in not weekly logging in, we've been dating one year and he is still on OkCupid. It's symbolic to me of a man who is one foot in and one foot out. Should I settle with "be okay with that"? Being on OkCupid for the quizzes is a poor excuse. There are personality tests everywhere on the internet.


It is not OK to maintain a profile on a dating site if you are in a committed relationship. Ask him whether he feels committed to you in terms of a long term relationship. If he is not, then you have to decide whether you are willing to continue to date someone who feels that way. If he says he wants to be in a committed relationship with you, then you need to express your wishes. Do not give him an ultimatum, threaten or demand that he delete his profile, but simply tell him that his continued use of OK Cupid is unacceptable to you. A few days later, if he is still on the site, then your best choice is likely to end the relationship.