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My boyfriend is "in like" with someone else.

Published on November 16, 2013 by dmarie0016

So recently, me and my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years, have been arguing a bit over his relationship with another girl that he told me he likes, and who likes him back. I've ask for absolute honesty in this relationship, and I'm happy that he was honest telling me about it, but I still feel really bad about it. I think that no matter what, when you like or have a crush on somebody, you naturally act on it even just a little,and that can eventually lead to more [he eventually agreed with me on this one]. So, I told him that I would prefer it if he stopped talking and seeing this other girl, because i don't think that its healthy for us. At first he was reluctant because he didn't see it as a big problem and theyve known each other for a long time [never quite being "just friends" though; i think theres always been some feelings involved] but I really emphasized how the whole thing has been making me feel. The fact that he could go see her, talking, possibly flirting even if its unintentional, while being into each other, all just really hurts and bothers me, because I feel like I matter less and that our relationship just means less. But last night, after our last argument over this, he ended up telling the other girl that they couldn't talk anymore because of the way it was affecting our relationship, and she replied saying it was probably for the best. He told me that he loves me, that he only wants to be with me, and that I come first. A part of me is happy because I feel like I have a lot less to worry about, but another part is telling me that they're relationship wasn't actually that big of a deal, and I am over reacting. I don't want to seem like I'm some bitchy, jealous person, because I really am understanding to my boyfriend and his needs. He knows this, and he even though we can both be stubborn at times, he understands my feelings and needs,and they're just as important to him. So I guess I'm asking, was I right to tell him to stop talking to the other girl? I really need honest, and open minded responses