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My boyfriend is ignoring me for no reason, why?

Published on September 25, 2013 by bama.rebel.girl

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months as of tomorrow, and we're in a long distance relationship. When we were first dating we talked on the phone every night, sometimes through out the day. And when we weren't talking on the phone, we were texting constantly, all the time!!!! In February he started going to an alternative night high school. He went from 3-9 pm his time so 5-11 pm my time. He would occasionally text during class, but not always and of course I understood that. And since I'm homeschooled I'm able to pretty much talk whenever. Well things were great the first couple of months. Things started to get worse in May though. We ended up in 2 major fights. One night, then the next night. We worked through it and got over it. He started his new job in May as well... I don't know his work schedule though. But since then we ain't talked much like we used to. We haven't talked on the phone since May. His phone got shut off so we don't text. We just message through Facebook. Some days are great and amazing and just perfect. Then there's times where we don't talk at all. I miss how our relationship used to be and I don't understand why things are so different... We haven't talked at all since Sunday and its now Wednesday so I'm just kinda freakin out... Why do you think he could be ignoring me? Thanks for any help.... I appreciate it.. Oh, and if it helps, I'm 16 and he is 19. We've kept our relationship on the down since the beginning. Like its not public on Facebook or anything.... That's just how he wanted to keep it... And I kinda agreed with it.. Thanks for any help y'all.