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My boyfriend is asking for space, what do i do?

Published on January 16, 2013 by layla1988

Since we started dating, we never spent a day apart. I was jobless for a month so i practically lived at his place. Recently, he started school so he has work + school now.. He was distant eversince he started school, so i freaked out on him and asked him whatsup. he just told me that we both need space, and that we should see each other every 2-3 days so we will miss each other more. He told me that i need to stop overreacting when he doesnt call or text me the whole day or when he goes hang out with his friends. I just dont know how to deal with the whole space and distance thing. I keep freaking out because I think he will drift away. I don`t know what to do, to get my mind off it. I want to be a good girlfriend and support his dreams. He said that he just need to get his priorities straight and this is his dream and he has to work hard to pursue it, he cant always be there for me. and I have to get used to it fast. He said when i overreact, it puts unnecessary stress on myself and that doubles the stress for him when he already has so much on his plate. i have so much free time on my hand that thats all i think about. I keep waiting beside my phone for him to call me or text me and when he doesnt, I freak out on him. I know clinginess is a turn off. I dont know how to work on it. Im starting a new job soon but im not going to school, so all i think about is him..


You're being smothering and clingy - and if you haven't crossed over the line to stalking, you're easily within spitting distance of it. Everything your boyfriend said is true.

Give him some space, but please be aware that your behavior to this point may well have poisoned your relationship to the point that he really doesn't want to continue it. If that is the case, let him go.

Hi Layla, this problem happens to a lot of women. Men ask for space all the time. And if you "practically lived at his place" well that did it. It is very dificult for a man to say "I love you but I dont want you by my side all the time". The solution is simple once you understand the concept of "men are from mars women are from venus" by John Gray. Since I learned it, it has been easier to comunicate with women. Its simple men and women are different therefore we must understand how they think and what makes them tick. If your boyfriend still loves you he will comeback emotionally to you if you give him the Space he is asking. Most women say "if I give him space he will go to another woman" , if he does this is because you already blew it. Lets hope not. Im going to translate the word SPACE: this means dont call me, I will call you. "Please leave me alone until I miss you" "I cannot miss you if I am all the time with you".I know each hour will seem like days and each day like a month waiting for that call. What you to do in the mean time? Well call your girlfriend, make activities you like that do not include him. And when the call comes ,just be happy and give him sex without him have to beg for it. If you nag at him ,for all the time it took to call ,then he will need more space and he will be distant again. Im from Mars and believe me, all we need is a happy women and guilt free sex. I cannot give you a lot more of advice because it will take me more than an hour, but if you accept that your needs are diferent from his, then you learn them to make him happy.(The 3 most important things to make your man happy: 1)accept the way he is , 2) Trust him and 3) apreciate the things he does for you) . Watch the movie What Women Want Mel Gibson 2000 and notice that once you know how the other sex thinks it easy to make him or her happy. Watch a video of Mark Gungor a tail of two brains this might help you understand him.Hope this will help you , let me know. Have a nice day.

honestly, he's probably just getting a little tired of the relationship and needs some space. seeing as how you two are spending every day together, it's probably just for the best for your relationship. i know it's going to be hard, but i'm sure once you start interacting with others and hanging out a lot more with your friends, it'll be for the better and he will start missing you a lot and want to get back together. hope this helps!!!!! <3

If he wants a space, then give him his space! Remember people say that if you love someone let them go, if they choose to come back then they love you. The more you can't live without someone the more he will ignore you.