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My Boyfriend Has Decided To Be Celibate

Published on July 25, 2013 by catmandew

My boyfriend and I have been together for over three years and our sex life was always hot and heavy. I am a very sexual, passionate woman and I loved the intimacy. He is 63 and I am 57. Recently he has informed me that he has decided to give up sex. He is a very religious person and says it's not right to have sex without marriage. But he doesn't want to get married either. It seems that normally the woman cools off to sex before the man but not in this case. None of the regular red flags apply. He's not gay, he's not having an affair, all his parts still work and he is not turned off by me. In fact he tells me I'm the hottest woman on the planet (a nice compliment but what good is it doing me?) and that he has a hard time keeping his hands off of me. I love him but he knows this decision is not mutual and that I'm not happy about it. We are best friends and have a lot of fun together but I am very sexually frustrated. I keep thinking he'll realize he misses sex but so far he's holding up much better than I am. I'm not a "friends with benefits" kinda girl and self-gratification can only do so much. Is there any advice for me other than to cut my losses and move on?


I think you need to sit down with him and discuss the deeper issues. Why has this suddenly, at this stage of his life, become such a strong belief? Make it clear to him how his decision affects you and makes you feel. If he has a deeper motivation behind his decision, you have a right to know it.