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My boyfriend is friends with his ex's on Facebook, is this normal

Published on November 8, 2012 by nell89

I need advice. First, I'd like to admit, I fight with insecurities. Was in a relationip 3 years, gave it my all and found out I was cheated on and had no idea Smh. Trust was an issue for me but I built myself up and a year later started over with someone. It has only been three months but his last relationship was 6 years and they lived together. At first he hid telling me they lived together once. But now that we are together, its like why is she in need of keeping contact with. If I sound like I'm overreacting please,let me know. He told me this girl cheated, went on dates behind his back, slept with another guy and got preg etc. So its like huh? I trust him but 6 years makes our 3 months look like seconds. He said they mutually broke up and moved on but I feel like I've did my part in deleting ex's or datee's lol...why not the same for you? Please help.


It's best to make a clean break with an ex girlfriend when he breaks up with her, but I doubt you'll be able to convince him of that.

I would tell him, "I don't stay in contact with exes. That's putting emotional energy into someone who I had a romantic past with, and it's not fair to my partner. If you choose to stay in contact with exes, it means we're not compatible, and I need to move on."

You'll see who his priority is with his response. If he says you're being rdiculous, etc., dump him. He doesn't care about you. There are men out there who don't do this. Find one.

I hinted at it last night and he said, "She's facing karma now anyway.",I left it alone and will go in debt another time. His mom is currently being told she might have cancer and it'd be selfish to bring it up now, I think. Thank you for your advice btw.