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my boyfriend doesn't kiss me as much should i worry?

Published on November 3, 2009 by love19

well, when we first meet about a month he was really into kissing me, but now that we have other contacts like real sex he doesn't kiss me that much. i even asked him to kiss me he does it but not the way he was doing before. i mean french kiss :b now its just a lip kiss which dont turn me on as much as the french one does. does it mean he doesn't love me any more or what?


I would be concerned. Has anything happened to make him think that you don't like his kisses? Could he have overheard a conversation you had with someone about it?

Otherwise, kissing is a very intimate act that ties in heavily to how a guy feels about you emotionally. A guy may not be a good kisser, but he will usually still be compelled to keep kissing you if he has strong feelings for you. That said, not everyone is like this, so it isn't a 100% definite rule.

Have you talked with him about it? If he can talk openly with you about why he isn't kissing you as much or as passionately anymore then you may find out what is going on better than having any of us second guess his reasons. Also, a month isn't too long into the lifespan of a relationship, but if the "newness" of it has already started to dwindle for him then he may not be the type to try and keep the passion and romance alive in the long run.

No offense, but the other writer (Qverb) must be a woman because men absolutely do not think like the way described in the answer.

Take it from a man. Kissing has nothing to do with how a guy FEELs about you, or connect with you. Hello? we are men, we don't take pleasure in feeling things.. .

For a man, kiss is only a way to warm up a woman to have sex with us. Period. Since your dude is already having sex with you he doesn't feel like trying anything extra (aka Kissing) to get you warmed up.

Don't worry about less kissing. Its not you, its how we men work. Next time you get together, tell your guy "Whenever you kiss me I get sooo turned on / hot/ bothered, blah blah...." that would fix this problem. I know what i said may sound offensive to you, but trust me, this is guy speak, you man will understand what he needs to from this... you just reap the benefits... Good luck.

Crazyfly, you need to expand your horizons. Aside from the fact that I am A) a man, B) know many men like this, and C) don't feel the need to limit myself with ancient stereo-types based on sex, you really need to start growing up and seeing women as something more than just a place for you to stick your dick in.

Love19, you may have yourself a boy like Crazyfly there who is really only thinking about sex and now doesn't see any need to even attempt to make you feel sexy or attractive but does expect you to be ready to jump in the sack with him whenever he feels like it, which is total BS.

Boys have never understood the power in kissing and have only seen it as a prelude to nookie. If you are young and most of what you have around you are young boys then it will be a while before you find a man who genuinely understands what it means to be a good kisser.

Just don't take advice from CrazyFly he maybe mental or a stalker, but anyways some guys don't like to kiss but he sounds like one that used to like to kiss, so either he just settled in his relationship because chemistry dies down, you have to pick up by doing different things like dancing exotically to music and crap like that or he may be no as into you. Now thats scary so lets think abut this carerfully, are there any other signs that show that he is weening you off, if not get your sexy on and make him not be able to help but to kiss you. When you kiss him do he just stop? cuz then something may be wrong.