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My boyfriend broke up with me when I thought things were fine

Published on April 26, 2014 by ts3636

I don't understand how it happened. Yesterday my boyfriend broke up with me. His reason was that he's been unhappy for the last two months. Things seemed good. He just got me flowers last week and he seemed happy. Here's a little of our history. We've been dating for ten months now. And through out the relationship we've had our fights. A lot of them I have caused. I'm a very insecure person and think everybody is out to get me and even him. I'm always so afraid to get hurt. I'm currently in therapy to work on my issues. Thought I was doing better. Back to the break up. The day before yesterday I had my first meltdown in a longtime. I got really upset cause I couldn't find parking at his place. I started crying and just had a really bad day. Then later that night I went home and texted him that I was home. And he usually responds but this time it seemed different. So I got upset again and started texting. He texted he was going to bed and said good night. So I kept texting and calling. He turned off his place. I think that was the last straw for him. I don't think he can deal with my issues anymore. He told me he can't be there for me. He was adamant on ending the relationship. He even bought all my stuff that was at his place to me. He says he's been unhappy. I asked him to give me another chance and all he kept saying that we couldn't do it anymore. And that he's given me plenty chances. I asked him to take this weekend to think and he said he would text me on sunday. I'm afraid it'll still be a no. I'm not allowed to contact him. The whole breakup just seemed so sudden. I didn't expect it. Throughout the breakup convo I got little bits of things he said that give me a little hope. I'm trying my best to give him his space. What do you all think, is there still hope for me? Or should I expect his Sunday text to be a no?