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My boyfriend avoids sex a lot due to be stressed, but I think it's for other reasons..

Published on December 29, 2009 by elle10

There are a few things...I have known him for quite sometime but recently started to see eachother. We try to get intimate but he always tries to avoid having sex and I feel rejected most of the time. We've had sex maybe twice in the past 6-7months but we never really finished. He says it's due to being stressed from his finances and minor health issues. Needless to say he also has a small penis. I never comment about it because that would add on to his insecurities..I think sex is important to me.. I can say up to this point I just like him, maybe i love him, but not in love with him. I am always thinking about moving on but because he's so good to me, I always think we can work it out. It has been too long and now I am starting to avoid his kisses because he can be overly affectionate. The best part is i enjoy being with him and we get along great, and my family loves him. What should I do move on? or Wait it out?


Talk to him, tell him exactly what you told us (leave out the small penis part though). Tell him that sex is important to you and if you can't connect sexually, then you can't make the relationship work. He is just using stress as an excuse! Men do get stressed and don't or can't have sex, but twice in 6 or 7 months! There is something deeper going on and if he can't share that with you, then your relationship is doomed. There is no need to wait, because whatever his problem is, it isn't going to go away, until he faces it, which he isn't. He is avoiding sex, so he doesn't have to face his issue.

I say, have the talk with him, try to get him to open up and confide in you what the REAL problem is. If he keeps denying that there is a problem, tell him that you can't wait around for someone who can't admit they have a problem and move on. If you stay, after he won't admit he has a problem and won't work on it, he and you are dooming you to a sexless, unsatisfying, unhealthy relationship. In the end you will cheat or resent him.