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my boyfriend of 7yrs., use to enjoy our love makeing. now we dont even have that is he cheating

Published on July 6, 2010 by lilrocktd4

he always falls back on 2 things. one that i bitch all the time, an 2nd hes forever telling me if we were home at nite earlier then we could., but we do get home earlier but hes always drinking to get drunk. also the time he did go out on me for 6 wks he'd go every other nite an crawl in this woman named ritas bed then mine till finally i told him hed have to choose. he then far as i no just seeing me but the non trust was in play. i really need an answer im so in love with him but i just feel hes seeing or being with some one else


Your man is lying to you and you know it. Man always want sex. Man does not turn away from sex. It does not matter what time or day. If he is not having sex with you then he is having sex with someone else. He is definitely having sex with someone. He is making up excuses to tell you why you guys are not having sex. This is bullshit. Leave him and his sorry ass. You don't need him. You don't love someone who treats you bad. Loving someone is not so hard. Loving yourself sometimes it is harder. Trust your instinct. It is always right. Please be good to youself. Life is too short to waste on this. I am sure you can find someone who will treat you like a princess