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My bf wants to have anal sex with me?

Published on April 6, 2013 by smart-girl

Hi im 21 and he is in his late 30s.i ve recently lost my virginity to this guy (about a couple of weeks ago). i ve been having a great time and now he wants to have anal sex with me. i ve never done tht before and im a bit nervous about tht as well. im a thin girl 5ft 4, and he s big guy and his penis gets really big and hard and i ve also read that anal sex gets painful and might hurt the rectum as well. He s experienced on this and has done it with his exs before and says it ll be fine. What should i do?


It is correct that anal sex gives much pain no any taste and joy.she must deny for it and avoid it. thanks

It can be enjoyable for you, though that is far from certain. To decrease the chances of pain, make sure you're relaxed (try right after a warm bath). Use what seems to be a ridiculous amount of lube on both you and him - then double it. Make sure he goes slow and will immediately stop if you say so.

Whatever you do, don't EVER go directly from anal to vaginal without first having him clean his dick VERY thoroughly. There are organisms in your rectum that will cause a very nasty infection if they get into your vagina. A good idea is to have him use a condom for anal, then discard it or switch to a new one when going to vaginal.