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My bf has a baby mama and have lied in the past, can I trust him!

Published on February 24, 2013 by khaleesi

Hello I really need advice on this. Am 23 and my bf is 28. I met my bf online last year. I just came out of a bad relationship and online relationship was wat I needed. He was sweet, calling numerous times daily, using my pic on his dp with declaration of his feelngs for me on his blackberry messenger, making me talk to his friends on phone, helping me financially. But he had this picture of his 1st gf on his fb.. Said they re no more dating. He usually talk about her a lot, how he loved her and she dumped him for another guy. So I asked him to delete her pix from his fb if she's really an ex, he did. He told me they can't date and she even ve a baby now for someone else. I believed him. He lives in a different state. I intend moving over to his state permanently in March. So we based our relationship on that. After 4 months of online dating, I went over to see him in january. I found out he's being asking out other girls out and dating some as well. I was mad cause he told me he's dating no one else but me. So he called each of them and introduced me to them as his gf, pleaded with them to talk to me on phone and assure me he's not dating them..which they did. Promised me now he has seen me, he don't think he needs any other girl and he want a serious relationship. I didn't ve sex wtih him during my stay. I noticed however a conversation blw him and a male friend about "his baby". He xplained it off, that it was just a tease. I was in doubt, so I decided to dig deeper. I left back for my state, then from inquiries discovered his 1st gf has a son for him. Called him up and he told me everything. After she left him for a year, she came back..and they dated for 3 yrs when she got pregnant. That he always knew he can't marry her. And when she got pregnant, he told her it won't make him marry her. He had to show her love during the pregnancy but now they re not dating anymore. He sends her allowance for the baby's upkeep. Their only connection is the baby which she will hand over to him when he's of age. He's just 6 months. Said he couldn't bring himself to tell me and wanted to wait till we ve gotten more serious. Since then he's being putting efforts to make me trust him. Being very devoted, promise to formally introduce me to his family once I move over. We make plans for the future together and he's so supportive, caring, loving and romantic. He's understanding and Respects me so much. Even let me have his fb password. Everything I ve ever wanted in a man. Yet, I cnt shake it off. Why was he not exclusive with me when he told me he was? He said we ve only met online bt haven't seen physically and he was still trying to select the best. Why date the babymama for 3 yrs when you knew you won't marry her? He said cos that's the only closest relationship he had and he haven't found the right one. Why dating other girls when he was dating her?. He said he's not a cheat and he was only that way cos of how she dumped him and he haven't found the girl to be devoted to but from the day he Saw me physically, he knew he want to settle down with me. Hence he let all the other girls go for me. Am I right to continue dating him? Can I trust him again? We ve being quarreling frequently cos I keep bringing his past up. He want me to let it go but I dnt know how.