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My Best Friend also My Ex

Published on April 5, 2014 by burnse15

So i was going out with my best friend that i knew for 10 years (also he lives right next door) and we only dated for a few months and he never told anyone we were dateing... because i dated his friend 2 years before and he didnt want to hurt him... well no one knew we were dateing and i am hurt and dont know what to do... i cant talk to my friends cuz no one can know about us and i see him everyday and it just kills my inside... and i try to get away and take a break but he is right next to me all the time.... Any tips?? Plz help:/


Dear burnse15,

I understand not wanting to hurt a friends feelings, but if he REALLY wanted to date you, then he should be talking to his friend and letting him know that he's interested in you but doesn't want to hurt his feelings. If his friend gets hurt, he's probably not a good friend anyway because you and that guy are not longer together. What claim does this guy have to keep you from dating anyone in the future, even if it's someone he happens to be friends with.

I know you like him and maybe even love him. But it's also not fair to you to be his closet girlfriend. Let's be mature about this. There should be no shame in dating someone who is single. If he's too worried about his friends, chances are he's really too interested in his own ego than he is in you as a girlfriend. Put your relationship out there or put him to the curb.