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My best friend of 2 years told me that he was "attracted " to me right before he left Canada.what should i do?

Published on March 4, 2010 by paulascott

This guy was on the same floor as me in college residence.So we have known each other for about 2 years.Two weeks ago,he decides to confess to me that he has been attracted to me since we met - about an hour before he catches his plane(to Trinidad and Tobago- where hes from).The reason for him leaving is because he is really home sick and decided to finish the last 2 months of his program in Trinidad and Tobago.John( not his real name) also told me that all of his family knew that he had liked me- and of course i had no clue, even though i would talk to his mother and the rest of the family too.John also wont be returning back to Canada .I also planned on going to Trinidad in the summer ( way before he said the whole attraction thing) to go visit him with some other friends.John also stated that the "attraction" wasent him liking me but it was more of a "crush" and he didnt know how else to label it. He said that he has never had a girl... as a best friend... that has known this much about him and wasen't sure if he was having a best friend thats a girl or actually being attracted to me. He said that when i come to Trinidad ( in june) that " time will tell" .My question to you is where do i begin? Do i just wait it out?.. I mean what if he hasent made up his mind when i go to Trinidad? I guess he caught me completely off guard and i never expected this.


I had a situation like this. This boy I liked a lot told me he liked me right before I moved 300 miles away and I was all "THANKS!!" For a while I had fantasies that we would make it work. We'd do this long distance relationship, but two months later he was dating someone else.

In hindsight, it is a cowardly thing to do: reveal your feelings right before you leave that person. It's not courageous or respectful. If that was how he felt he should have told you BEFORE. If he isn't willing to try something now, something makes me think he won't be willing to try a long distance relationship later.