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More than friends?

Published on December 23, 2013 by meggi91

I'm a university student.There is a guy I live in the same room with. We first said hi to each other in October. I figured out he's introverted. He likes peace, quiet and doesn't open up easily. He's very, very nice, though. Especially to me. He serves me a lot by for example making a tea all the time. I actually know he likes me, but I'm not sure if in a friendly way or there is something more between us. He often looks at me, smiles, he blushes sometimes when we talk, he notices details about me and remember EVERYTHING what I say. He doesn't talk too much to me, only to the other guys. We're both awkward with each other but playing tough like we don't care. He likes to make me laugh. We went out few times, it was fun but nothing happend. He's not very touchy althought as a thank you for a early Christmas gift I received a big,full touching, long hug. I'm a bit shy and I freak out when I have to talk about my feelings, so I don't know what to do.Please, help!