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Published on August 15, 2012 by miked59

We are happily married and in our early 50's. After seeing "Hope Springs", my wife shared that she has always wanted to experience a 3 some with two men she used to work with. How do I respond to her fantasy.


Have her imagine it, Have her imagine one in one area of her body and the other in another area (she may have to touch different areas to get the full effect. This fantasy is perfectly normal and can be easily obtained with toys, manual stimulation and imagination.

"Hell no!" comes to mind.

If she brought this up only as sharing a fantasy, fine - she trusts you enough to share this.

If she's serious about this and wants to make it reality, nip this crap in the bud (or does it not bother you that she wants to have sex with two men at the same time, and neither one of them is you?). Swinging/open/swapping marriages VERY seldom work out happily for all involved - one or both of you almost always regrets having done it.

First , thank her for having the courage and being able to be vulnerable/safe in your relationship to share such an intimate fantasy. Sharing one's fantasy does not have to be anything more than just sharing a fantasy without any intention of living it out. If you both get aroused by discussing it, then by all means share away and enjoy the pleasure, fun and intimacy of feeling connected in such a deep level. Our imaginations are meant to be used, enjoyed and can and should be a continuing source of pleasure. Some couples I have worked with share their fantasies with each other during their sexual interludes as a way of electrifying the erotic stimulation and intensifying their orgasmic experiences.