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Is men lying to their spouce common? What is the percentages?

Published on June 4, 2012 by trskirk2930

I have recently found that there is a great amount of lies being told by the men of my family.  My Dad has been lying and cheating on my step mother, my sisters husband has been hidding a drug additiction, and my spouce of 10 years lies to me over just about everything and anything.

Yesterday I caught my spouce lying to me and I don't understand why.  I'm typically the one in the family who pays the bills and make sure our house runs smoothly.  His income fluctulates  because hes a roofer, he told me he needed to leave a short while after arriving home from his day at work.  He was supposed to go to his bosses house to get paid and then get parts for his truck.  Well he fell asleep,  I thought not to be stupid anymore and I decided to check his pockets and there I found $800.  When he woke up he still kept up his lie he told me. My feelings were crushed.  I'm a mother of 4 children and I currently stay at home and take college classes.  I havce been living off student loans and my tax refund.  I'm starting to feel used lately and I'm glad I checked his pockets. 

We have been together 10 years and never have I known him to bring home those large amounts of money.  I haven't seen more than $500 in the past 3 or 4 months.  He suposely works 7am till dark almost everyday.   Has he been lying to me this whole time?  Why does he need to lie?  What does he do with his money?  How can I fix my relationship when I'm clearly the one who cares about it.  When I ask him to move out, he says he is sorry and he will never do it again, he apologizes.  I know he loves me and our family but I just dont understand why he cant show it.  I feel used and would like to just move on at this point.  I'm tired of the effort I put in and not receive back.  How can I get him to understand I just want to separate?

What is the percentages of men that lie in relationships?  Is this a common issue for people in relationships?  Are there any more real people out there anymore?  Where do I fit in?


Actually, let me correct that: Lying men always lie to women who put up with it.