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men and sex

Published on November 23, 2012 by vcafan1982

My boyfriend always turns out the lights before sex. I ask for the lights to be turned on. He is less romantic in bed lets say. Also I ask to have an orgasm before he enters me. He gets upset. He gets me off, then he is uninterested in sex. why is this?


To me, being sexually compatible with someone is of utmost importance when you want a lifetime of happiness with someone. It sounds like he's pouting because he had to compromise and give you what you asked for, and is punishing you for expressing your needs. Who needs a little boy who sulks around and doesn't satisfy you sexually. Go find a man who is compatible with you in all the major ways, including sex, and you'll be a much happier woman.

i agree 100% with safire. Sex is important . Compatible sex is double important. Either take the teacher role & tell your bf to leave his ego to one side or find someone else.

most of the man want this but i learned it the hard way that they do this just to fantasies another girl than his girlfriend SORRY to tell you this.

You've got a weirdo. This is the first guy I've EVER heard of who wants the lights off (very common for the woman to want lights out because she's self-conscious, but a guy wants to see it all).

As for you wanting an orgasm before he enters you and his response to your request - he's being a sulky little boy. Reality is that most women can't get an orgasm from just intercourse, so if you don't get it before he enters you, you're not going to get it at all. While I dream of what it would feel like for me to give my wife an orasm while I'm inside her, she's one of those who can't orgasm from intercourse alone. I always try to give her an orgasm first (and am proud to say I'm successful 90-95% of the time) and, honestly, getting her off gets me 90% of the way there myself.

Get a new boyfriend.