Dear lynnsabot,

You've asked a simple and complicated question and one that almost everyone who calls me for dating and relationship coaching asks.

It’s Simple – because usually the reason lies inside of ourselves.

It’s Complicated – because usually the reason lies inside of ourselves.

Probably doesn’t seem very helpful. Because if the reason is us then geeze that must mean there is something wrong with us and what can we do about that.

And that’s where the Simple part comes in. Doing something about ourselves is the only thing we have control over and it’s definitely what will give us the most benefits.

And that’s where the Complicated part comes in. If we can figure out what we keep doing that isn’t bringing love into our lives then we can do something differently and get a different and so much better outcome.

The reasons we aren’t meeting the ‘right person for us’ is also simple and complicated. 1. We’ve been hurt before and because we don’t want to get hurt again we build walls around our emotions and heart and won’t let anyone in. 2. We always attract the same type of wrong person; unavailable, withholding, needy, mean, broke, uneducated, out of shape, etc. 3. We don’t know what we want and need in a relationship so even if the perfect person walked right in front of us we wouldn’t recognize them.

So, you see Simple and Complicated.

The good news it doesn’t have to be hard to find a man for yourself, it truly can be easier. You just need a new Relationship Roadmap to take you to a new destination. I’d love to chat with you to help you find a man for yourself. I offer a complimentary coaching call with me through my web site at Click on the “What’s holding me back from love” to set up a time to talk to me. Your Tango Expert