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Me and my Guy best friend kissed and now I'm confused?

Published on August 21, 2013 by bethany_lowri

I'm a 14 year old girl, and just the other day six of my friends and I stayed at a mates house. There was four boys and three girls including me. That night we were all playing spin the bottle and me and my Guy best friend who is also 14 kissed,and I didn't think anything off it,I've never really kissed a boy before and It was only a peck on the lips .That night though we were just hugging and cuddling up on the floor and being dead close. A few people were saying how there's chemistry between us and how we suited and we were just like what? no, were best friends? but they were like yeah okay ;-). That night we were both cuddled up on the couch, I was in his arms and we fell asleep like that,my head was on his chest and all I could hear was his heart beating and I'm not the type of girl who's dead soppy and likes romantic things but I loved that night and I love to do it again with him just lying there in his arms, at that point I felt that there was sparks there and as I was lying there I started to think and I think I like him but at the same time I don't want to ruin the friendship we've got. I think he likes me too but I'm not sure as he's recently broke up with his girlfriend of 8-9 months, but his ex-girlfriend never came out with him if all us lot were out and if she did come out they would just sit there in silence he was a completly different person when he was with her, and the next day when we woke up we layed there for a bit but then he moved and went on the other sofa with everyone else leaving me by my self. He hardly spoke to me the next day so I'm really confused I have not had time to speak to him because he's gone on holiday for a week ever since it happened I'ts all I can think about and I'm starting to grow feelings for him. But I don't know if he feels the same way. I've known him for about 3 years but only just started getting close to him this year and I can tell him almost anything. I don't know whether to tell him how I feel or whether to keep it bottled up?