You don't say what you're fighting about. Either you're incompatible or you both lack communication skills. Get a few self help books from the library. A few of them are "Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus," and "The Five Love Languages." Never call each other names when you argue. Never say "You always do this--you never do that." Say, "I like it when you ... I get upset when you ..." When you use the word I, it's communicating what you're feeling instead of blaming the other person and putting them on the defensive.

The best way to change someone else's behavior is to change your own. Approach an argument differently than you've done before. If he says something hurtful, instead of barking back, say, "Ouch. That was hurtful." Good luck.

If you are fighting this much before any kind of real commitment, I would just forget it. It only gets worse.