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Maybe I am use to been used,

Published on October 10, 2013 by bellahaze

Hello, Ive just started dating a guy and his one of the most sweetest guys i have ever had the pleasure of holding close to me. Everything seems fine but i notice after a few nights spent in each others bed that he hasn't made a move to have sex. His spooned me with his hand on my waste but no higher or lower. Maybe ive just use to been used for sex by other men in my past, as if its all they wanted or was there for, But at the same time this has me thinking that maybe his just not that into me or i could be a fling as a result of his boredom in life. I have slightly tried to turn him on it worked but i guess the urge wasn't that strong. Ive started to notice over the last few days his ben drawing back as well. Maybe this is normal, Maybe his only with me not cause he wants me but for something els i have to offer (eg money). Please help cause im starting to really question and lose my trust (in the way im use to been cheated on lied to and manipulated, not saying his doing that). Please help me with some advise. Also i thought i may add im 23 and his 20.


I would advise to just talk to him what are his intentions. Maybe he has a reason. If he doesnt have a particular explanation, then maybe the chemistry is not there...