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Married w a much younger lover

Published on January 3, 2014 by lisalove

I am married but the marriage has been over for a very long time and I have been seeing a much younger guy 19 years younger he is the type who cannot talk about his feelings he uses songs to express them he actually ha wanted to be w me for four years now and since we have been seeing each other for the past four months now I feel like I have a very crazy connection w him it is the most intense connection I have ever felt w anyone ever. He is 21 and I am 40 but I do not look or act my age at all he don't care about age at all he has made that clear but I am married and I know my marriage has been over for a few years but my husband does not or he refuses to see that it is over , is this relationship w the younger guy even really able to work he is 21 and I have four kids which he has been in their lives for years as well cause this guy has been a part of our family . Or am I fooling myself by thinking we could go on to have any kind of real retaliation ship .we have tried to part our own ways but we get not even a full day apart before he is calling me to check in and make sure I am ok . Please I just don't know if we would be able to be together since the age difference and he is unable to talk about his feelings .


First thing you need to do is end your marriage because what you are doing is wrong no matter if you know your marriage is over or not because your husband doesn't and I think what your doing is looking for green grass on the other side of the fence before you leave your husband so stop playing games and act your age either leave your husband or stop seeing the younger man because its not fair to your husband because you want your cake and having it to.