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married sex help

Published on January 27, 2013 by crystalwysong

my husband want to bring other people into our bedroom but i am afraid to have sex with someone i dont know but i am afraid to lose my husband due to not enough for him what do i do please?


In the vast majority of threesome or open marriages, at least one partner comes to really regret it. If you're not absolutely certain that YOU want to do this, don't (and even if you do - I'd suggest thinking on it some more). If your husband would really leave you over this, he's already gone (and good riddance to him).

As an alternative, you could try some things to spice up your love life with your husband (that don't involve sex with strangers) - there are several articles in this site's archives on that very topic. Maybe role-playing a few fantasies will satisy his urge?