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married man

Published on January 2, 2013 by missbrooke

I have been having an affair with a married man for a while now. He tells me everyday he is insanely in love with me. He will freak out if i do not contact him one day even if im on vacation. He is with me every single day...

now he told me today he & his wife are pregnant (i honestly assumed they were no longer sexually involved since he was with me). I decided i cannot be with him anymore since they now have a family to think of.

he has been making it extremely difficult. They are naming their girl my name. He told me i cannot get rid of me that easily & loves me too much to let me walk away. I dont know what to do. He will show up at my work, home, etc... i am just trying to finally respect their marriage & child, yet i love him so much.


The guy is a stalker who sends my "creep" gauge way off the chart. You need to IMMEDIATELY seek out a lawyer and get a restraining order telling him to keep away from you. Then (since he's probably going to ignore the restraining order) you need to implement a plan to disappear (what I recommend) or always make sure to NEVER be alone until this nutjob is gone for good. It's too late to moralize about your having an affair with a married man, but if you don't be rid of him NOW, you're going to be featured on the evening news (along with police officers, an ambulance, and a whole lot of crime scene tape).

what a web you have weaved! Have NO contact with him period! NONE! Move on. This guy is cheating on his WIFE, with YOU, whom he does not respect, nor his wife or himself! He says now she is pregnant? And he is naming his child after you? how does he know its a girl? is she that far along for them to know? if so then he has been lying to you longer than a month or less. This guy is just a trainwreck! Get away from him. He is psycho going to your home, work etc. He wants his cake and eat it too. I hope you dont allow this to happen any further. I just wonder if his wife knows the truth? Hmmmm.........just be the grown up here and move on, be happy. Thank God you are not "with child" too!