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Marriage or Divorce

Published on August 2, 2013 by taunchie

Been married for 28 years, I sense a bit of distance between us. I'm alone while married. We have no intimacy at all. Sex happens only when I nestle up to him and toss my leg on him and then it's robotic. I don't feel he is open with me and I feel we are going through the motions. I hurt and I want my marriage to work.


Your answer is in the last sentence of your post 'I want my marriage to work" but it sounds like you could use a little help reconnecting with each other. You take your car in to an expert every couple thousand miles and you should do the same for your relationship. Every relationship need a little tune up from time to time and your sweetheart is probably wanting to change things up too. Most couples wait too long before asking for professional help- don't be one of those couples!

Can you try to find an activity that you used to love to do together? Or find a new hobby to do together? It's hard to reconnect but worth the effort. Don't give up if it feels awkward at first. Keep making the effort and before you realize it, you will be having fun again.