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marriage affairs

Published on November 20, 2013 by kyarinkwasaa

i spent 8 years with my husband but it is recent i know that he had awife aside 45 year,i asked him he acceptedand said that he had been with her before me.i asked him why didnt you marry her ,he said no and even she is no producing but not know by family members after that i also discovered that he pregnanted 25years lady and after he took her to her sister but it is far.he is not going there, when i asked him why is that you hide her ,he said i want her to take care of child only idonot want to marry her.He used to be good to me ,he always go early to home, he is simple. i have 2 kids, he told me he dont want more kids, i accepted i didnot that he impregnanted woman but now child is 2 years. i gave him 3 million to assist his uncle and after bring it back he never and he sold plantation at 5m but all those am not seeing anything.what hurts me we are renting houses but am seeing money.reall can trust that man any more advise me