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marriage affairs

Published on November 20, 2013 by ali.lubega

i find a husband with achild now eight years .we trusted each other.i didnt know that he can cheat but suprisingly i got two true information following each other.before he marry me he had someone of 40 years but he told me they dont have children iasked him why didnt you marry her he said no.also he mpregnated woman and after he hided her at her sister but that one was known by family but he told me shei going to look after her kid but dont like her but he sends help and now she is houegirl of her sister.He ate my money,he use the money in a way idont know.he is not confatable with his phone.he show me that he loves me but asked to stop he said am doing it but slowly.advise me is there hope of leaving them.pregnant woman now has kid 2 years but he s not going there .it is far