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Published on July 31, 2013 by annaporras

my husband and I have been married for 17 years,we were never lovable or affectionate with each other, he was just too macho for all that, but I had an affair a year ago and he found out and got in contact with the person i had the affair with and that person told him everything about out relationship, now my husband wants us to be lovable and affectionate with each other, wants us to be constantly kissing and hugging, wants me to miss him, and to think about him when i am at work. I get no help from him at home with any of the cleaning, cooking or laundry, he spends 5-6 hours a day at the gym and expects for me to be waiting for him with hugs and kisses, i work full time, come home have to cook and clean, take my daughter to basketball practice, come home after practice to get his lunch ready for the next day, clean up, i have no time to give him all this love and affection he wants, by the time i get to bed i am exhausted and he expects to have sex or love and affection, he feels that with the person i had the affair with i was lovable and affectionate but it was because the relationship started with affection, with us hugging and kissing, i try explaining to him it was cause it was new, we didn't see each other often, my husband pressures me all the time and confronts me about not being lovable with him, how I am so cruel with him, but i do give him hugs, i do give him kisses, but it's just not enough to him, i do not know what to do, i am just so drained and exhausted, mentally and physically. please advice.