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Published on February 19, 2013 by sneha

i love a guy n he is not daring to tell about our love to his parents but still we want to live together and get married. we cannot live without each other. what should i do?


If he won't tell his parents about you, he's either embarrassed/ashamed of you or he's afraid of his parents - neither situation is good. It is good for him to value his parents' approval, but if he doesn't have enough spine to risk their possible disapproval for you, then he's too timid to make a good husband anyway. Think about it about it - his parents might dislike you (or they might love you), but if he's too afraid to even take the risk in order to have you, will you be able to count on him to stand up and be a man during the challenges and tough times that WILL come in your lives and marriage?

Ask him to introduce you to his parents. If he will not, then you have your answer, and you should find someone else.