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man's feeling about sexual harrasment

Published on February 16, 2014 by graceliu

dear dr. Gray, I am living in different area with my boyfriend at this current moment. Last night, i just walked at night to my place and some stranger just pulled over from his motorbike and grab my ass from behind and he runaway. I was in shock and calling my BF that instant. But he was at work and just said : be careful, and all of that stuff. I ended the call and continued my walk. After i got home, my BF was texting me and asked "are you okay?" + "no wonder cause u have a wonderfull ass" + "just wait for him to get the karma".

I am so dissapointed until now. Why he seems not worry or angry at all? We are not talking about this anymore even if I still cry when recalled that horrible memories (never told him about this). What is men really feels when his spouse become the victim and why he seems so normal? I feel like he didn't care at all.


Ladies often complain of lack of freedom when you show that you care,so it's better if you don't kill yourself for her to stay alive.let me suggest that you watch what you wear and importantly avoid going out at nights.