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making friend your girlfriend

Published on July 8, 2014 by nishirivs

Hi , I used to chat with a gal, she is my class mate.. earlier it was very casual chat and she was in relationship and therefore i kept distance till then..

She was in a long distance relationship with him and they used to meet only during vacations..he was very possessive about her and always tried to be a lot more protective and they used to fight a lot Because of that , and since he was away she started liking a new guy as they used to fight a lot and the new guy used to console her..

Since she met a new guy that guy started convincing her to leave her bf and tell her that her bf is just obsessed 'bout her and she started believing him..

Then she left her bf..and started to be with this new guy, but after she broke up with her ex ,she realized that her ex only was her true love and since her ex was also trying to get her back at the same time, she again left that new guy and started dating her ex again and left the new guy and blocked him..

But then, things started to get ugly between them again and this time her ex broke up with her.. And she was all alone ,with neither the new guy nor her ex..and she started hating new guy and blaming him for their break up

Two months after her break up she started being close to me, telling me stories 'bout her past life, 'bout her break up, almost everything, she used to drink a lot in tension and since she is my neighbor i used to give her drinks when she used to ask me.. she used to tell me to meet and ask for drinks and this was like daily routine , we went to picnic's together, i used to take care of her after she got drunk and drop her home and i used to not allow her to drink a lot also.

She used to continuously crying over her ex and wanted to get him back, and used to feel guilty for the fault she made of dating that new guy and breaking up with her ex 'cause of it..

She also used to forget her sadness and tell me more bout her life when a little drunk... After that i became close friends, i helped her to overcome ghosts of her past as she used to and Now she is better..

I told her that i liked her but she said i am very much addicted to you, i cant stay without chatting with you ,im very close to you, im very attached to you and finally said "I like you as a friend" and then when i asked her y she came so close to me , she said i am very special to i dont know what this special is??

And now we are going same track again ,she calls me to meet still ,chatting a lot and stuff she said she likes my company ,likes to spend time with me.. i dont know how to make her fall for me..

And that new guy whom she had blocked again she became friends with him and now he is trying to get close to her

She is also very Kiddish , Stubborn and cant decide for herself but also good at heart and caring when convenient to her..

She tries to shut me up when i tell her that she also likes me by saying stuff like, "how did you fall when i used on the contrary cry to you bout my ex..??

So i dont know what to do now please help...