Well, "normal" is very relative. Most men last around 7 minutes once their fully engaged in vaginal, anal or oral sex. But, some men are quicker and some men last much longer.

Has your partner checked in with his doctor to make sure he is healthy and everything is working properly? Will he share with you how quickly he can finish through masturbation?

I have met men who take their kegel exercises to an extreme and that can sometimes to cause them to last a VERY long time.

Can you share some more details here? How long is he lasting? How old is he?

He has not checked with the doctor... He told me that it really depends on how turned on he is. Sometimes he can't even finish by masturbating.

What other details can I share? Sometimes he doesn't go at all... this last episode was 5 weeks... other times it takes seconds... He is 26...

Is he trying to make it last longer?

Does he enjoy the sex? Does he think this is a problem?

The one thing I would ask him about is if he is masturbating a lot.

This is an issue I work with in both straight and gay men. Penis desensitization can have a role in this as can the level of stimulation he's receiving from vaginal sex. I teach women clients how to do kegel (vaginal muscles) exercise programs, the same as men can, to increase vaginal tightness during intercourse. The combination of the amount of stimulation your vagina can create for what his penis needs can often be a factor that if not addressed, will leave an issue unsolved.

On his part, I would go over his masturbation style with him to see if a change needs to be made and create a program to gradually return penis sensitivity to normal levels. There could be many other reasons at hand we could discuss, and solutions, and combinations of solutions to create the sex and orgasms you both desire. Contact me for an initial consultation and let's get started.