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Make her feel protected

Published on December 7, 2010 by dtb419

I'm rather small for a dude (5'6") and I take girls downtown dancing etc., and when we're out I walk on the street side, and do typical protective gentlemanly actions - and on asking my girl friends they so I'm really good about keeping an eye on them so to speak. I've felt for a long time though, that because of my size my physical prescence isn't "naturally" protective, and I want to know is there anyway around this?

I didn't pick and can't change my body, but I'm a protective kind of guy and I want to feel secure myself about how my physical prescence can still be protective. Advice? Anyone have a s/o that is rather small but you feel absolutely safe around, etc.?


I stand 5'6". I'm a woman...I don't have any fears or reservations about my being able to protect myself, or a friend, family member. It's ATTITUDE, an air of confidence that one exudes (minus cockiness.) I do think it's rather endearing though that you would even worry about such a thing. Says something about your CHARACTER and that's what it's about.