Unfortunately you might never know for sure. The real question isn't what is true, it's whether you want to be with someone you can't trust.

Dear "thatwhitegirl1997" "Ginastherapy" had a good point. It's so much nicer to be with someone you're comfortable and happy with than someone you aren't sure of. Listen to that little inner voice - the one that prompted you to write your question in the first place. Having said that - Ways to know if someone (anyone) is lying and/or avoiding sharing the facts (same thing) - 1) No eye contact - diverting eyes; 2) Fidgeting while speaking - shuffling papers, etc.; and 3) Touching their face or hair a lot (especially with the left hand). Those are some of the little tells ... but the most important is to listen to you own body and your own intuition - you'll know if someone's not being truthful. Find someone who can look you in the eye and doesn't fidget when they speak to you. Good Luck! ~LJ Innes Your Tango Expert

When he starts denying everything you accuse him of before you even finish the question, or when he starts to be distant towards you. most of the time when you have a gut feeling about something, your usually right about it or at least semi-right.