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Love watching her masturabte, is that a bad thing???

Published on May 7, 2010 by blue68

I love watching a woman masturbate, wether she's just using her hand and fingers or wether she's using a toy. I consider this forplay but some women just don't want to do it or they say it's a private matter for when the're by themselfes. Is there a way to encourage a date to feel free to masturbate in front of me?? I too enjoy masturbating in front of them and I sometimes try to encourage them by first starting myself. I am sexual by nature and enjoy watching and encouraging women to have fun exploring there body and enjoying the moment. I guess my question would be is this something that women don't like doing, and if so how can I be incouraging them to do so??


I feel there is no stronger connection between two people than the one when your not touching at all. The mind is a very powerful part of our sex drive and when we stimulate that with all our senses then wow. I have to say that I LOVE watching a man masturbate and doing it myself. I do believe that for some it can seem to intimate but when you are able to relax you can enjoy each other on that level...then OMG! so good.