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Love Confusion need urgent Help

Published on September 25, 2013 by rashmilalchandani

dear sir/mam, I am very tensed please kindly give me some suggestion . I love one boy deeply from my heart we met in coaching class 2years back ,he live in mumbai and me from delhi residing in ghaziabad ,he is doing job here now near my house so the problem is that we dont talks so much on phone and due to his common friend we had a big fight she told him very negative against me, by asking me about him very sweetly .. so he came to delhi in june this year from june he had a misunderstanding..he is trusting on his frnds when i called him he told me a lot of things in september first he asked me u will beat me if i come to meet u in mall??because i mentally totured u so much so i am feared u will beat me by calling me somewhere?? then he asked everything about my home which he never asked all details will u marry or not?do u have any boyfriend??he asked how much property u have ?how many cars do u have??then he said i m a beggar sitting on a foothpath i need money will u help me??i am going to die everyone is defaming me my friends..and i want to meet ur parents ..he asked me 10times please tellme whats their in ur heart for me ,i want to hear all that from ur mouth directly...i have a girlfriend who is also a beggar,then at last he created a drama and told me i am narendra friend speaking to u..his voice was same exact please help me why he asked me all those personal things about my home??what he wants? why he doing drama with me only,should i go to his office to meet him once for asking truth??pls help its very urgent

thanks Rashmi