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love and lost - quickly

Published on April 21, 2013 by msraquel5

I met and married and separated headed for a divorce in less than one year. I loved this man...he then told me he liked to be sodomized and he liked younger girls ages 20 - 25 and he is in his 40's. I resented him and couldnt trust him and felt insecure anymore so we went through a horrible break up....I miss him and I dont know how to handle it now


Dear Msraquel5,

I’m so sorry to hear you’ve going through this horrible breakup. Finding out that the man you love and married is so different then you thought he was can be devastating and definitely shake you to your core. And given the circumstances your resentment and not feeling you could trust him is completely understandable.

I understand that you miss him. It’s normal to miss the man you fell in love with and married. And it’s also normal to miss the future you thought you were going to have. I’d really like to help you through this awful time. Please let me know what I can do.

Coach Christine