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Published on June 11, 2013 by veknyek

My ex-G/F who Left me last year came back to me begging forgiveness, saying that her life was incomplete without me. Though i love her and wana start a fresh, its too difficult for me to ignore hw much she hurt me. Iam really having a hard time to take decision. What should i do?


Look for all of the positives things in her and try FORGIVENESS if she and the association is worth salvaging. I have always remained a good communication and friendships with "Ex's" and the only time that didn't work out is because I was holding on to grudges. Trust is hard to rebuild. Yet, later in life when you have unintentionally hurt someone else the shoes will be on the different feet and you then can see how hard it is for you to make headroom.The act of FORGIVENESS is not for the other person, its for you to grow. I would suggest you attempt to lose the attitude and if your not able to allow yourself to forgive don't force yourself to be around her like your making her EARN your trust because the worse thing for anyone to do is to act like they are "TOLERATING" another person which is very offensive.Treat others as you would want to be treated, if you still love her then you would find a way to be kind. If not- be mature and say you can just be friends and keep things platonic and don't try to lead her on by being revengeful