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At a loss

Published on November 22, 2012 by mommyof2

How do I get my husband to be more open and honest. He has always had a problem with talking to other females online, sexually. I am open to an open relationship in the sense that he is speaking to other women, as long as he is honest with me, but he seems to have an issue with coming to me and telling me when he is speaking to other women. How can I help him to be more open to me?


thats becos he feels guilty toward you coz he knows its a cheating on his wife but he's addicted to this and seems cant get rid of it and dont want to cz he feels relieved when he do this his self esteem is low and dont trust himself he needs you to comfort him by helping him to enhance his self esteem and to make him trust himself again try to give him more attention a show him that u still intrested in him and still love him i think then he'll be honest and will b more open to you about everything in his life.

I assume you aren't talking about him on some relationship blog or forum like this one having discussions (which sometimes get rather frank and graphic) about improving one's marital relationship?

If he's having online talks with other women along the lines of "First I'm going to rip open your blouse, then I'm going to dip my head down and suck your...", he's behaving inappropriately and needs to stop. Tell him he can talk dirty to you all he wants (hell - make a game of writing steamy fantasy emails to each other if you want), but he has had his last sexy online conversation with any woman but you.