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Loss of Interest or Misunderstanding?

Published on December 30, 2011 by sandijane

After a couple of dates in my city with a guy who traveled to my city to see me, he e-mailed started e-mailing me a few times a week. He mentioned getting together in the next couple of months without being specific. I didn't respond to a couple of his e-mails in hopes that he would follow up and set a date. Instead, he closed out my match on the dating site where we met. Now, here's my question. Did he think I lost interest after not hearing from me 9 days after the first e-mail I didn’t answer and 3 days after the second e-mail I didn’t answer, or did he just lose interest himself? If It is the former, I'd like to salvage it, but if it is the latter, obviously not. If he just had the wrong impression, what could I do to save it? Thanks!


Seems like after two dates, if a guy really liked you, he'd be calling and setting up a date for the following week, not within the next few months. Whether or not he was interested or not interested, who needs someone who moves like a snail in making plans and can't even pick up the phone? Move on.

Love it or hate it, online dating is a whole other world of communication. When you've grown accustomed to emailing, someone needs to break the pattern. True that he should have followed up your live meeting with a phone call, but reaching out with an email may have been his way of testing the "after face to face" meetings. Can you send him an email response stating that you would enjoy seeing him again and you would love a phone call to catch up? The challenge is that when we set our expectations without sharing them, people are destined to let us down. The lack of response could indeed be interpretted as a lack of interest in a simple case of Boy-Dumb communication standards.
Let me know how this works out for you. I wish for the best!