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Losing the love of my life

Published on January 7, 2012 by ajani

I feel like I found the love of my life 3yrs ago but we found out we are both carriers of sickle cell anemia trait so our parents are against us been together for fear of us having children with sickle cell. We have since broken things off but we go back and fort, I've never felt like this about somebody. We have done so many research on other alternative to been together. We are both 30yrs old and due to culture our parents play a big part. My question is would it be advisable to lie to his parents that he got tested again and that he is not a carries and that the 1st result was wrong? Then if we are given the go ahead by our parents then we can get a procedure called pgd to have healthy kid?


I personally wouldn't lie. But what I would do is to set up an appointment for you and your beloved along with parents with a genetic counselor to discuss the options that are available now as far as having a healthy child together. If the ability to have healthy children is the main objection, it would seem that there are a myriad of different options available to you. I understand that parents aren't always prepared to listen to their children about these things, but a genetic counselor ought to be able to explain the options to everyone in a way that they will understand.

Given your feelings for one another, you may also want to point out to your parents that letting go of their disapproval may be the only way that they'll have ANY grandchildren at this point ;)