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Longer work hours and silemt Treatment

Published on August 17, 2014 by s.happenssosmellit

My man started a new job working 8 hours. Lately it has increased to 10 hours. And there was no mention I think something or someone else is responsible for the longer hours. Plus he is gone 6 days a week versus the typical 5 Should I snoop around or just ask and be upfront about my suspicion?



I hope this finds you well.

What seems to be more important than snooping or accusing him, is how you feel about it. Of course, it's important to know for your own health and wellness whether or not your relationship is still okay. But if you go down the path of snooping, you may not find the answer you are looking for. That is to say that, if he is cheating - he may be hiding it better than you think. Alternatively, if you accuse him, not only do you risk a fight, but you alert him that he needs to be more cautious and careful around you. This will make for a more tense, suspense-filled relationship; which I don't think you would want.

Can I assume that because you are "jumping" to these cheating conclusions that you have been cheated on before? And that you are hyper-alert to the red-flags and signals?

As a Transformational Coach and FasterEFT Practitioner, I would say that it is more important to clean up the painful emotions in and around your past relationships. They are likely the reason you are expecting your man to cheat on you.... and also perhaps the reason you keep picking "cheaters" to go out with. =) Either way, if you clean up the negative feelings with your previous boyfriends, you will gain clarity with relation to you current boyfriend.

Let me know if you have questions.