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long time no talk with lover

Published on November 21, 2013 by tanuja

i and my boyfriend has been in relationship for 4 years. after college he's busy in making his career and i in preparations. he promised me to text o in touch with me every single day and made so any promises, but none of them come true. its me only who's been calling him everytime for everything. is he so busy dat he can't text me once i a day? m i over-reacting or over expecting? i missed him so badly for 5 months already. kindly advice me what to do with him and my life? because i don't want to let him say that i cudn't gave him time to stand or smthing and being failure from my side.


It sounds like he isn't really committed to your relationship. He seems happy to have you when it is all your effort and when it is convenient for him. That isn't what a solid marriage is built on.

see i agree maybe he might not be that committed but try to put yourself in his shoes he his busy with college and friends and when all this happens its like out of sight and out of mind i know it sounds wrong but thats exactly what it is and maybe he is so caught up he doesn't really get time so the best thing to do is talk to him about it and tell him that you understand that he doesn't have much time and all and also tell him if he can just message you once or atleast tell u how his day went even though you have no idea who he is talking about or what but it will make your relationship stronger and it will make him feel that you are really interested in knowing and he will look forward to calling you and tell you what happened today so don't give up and talk to him it always helps